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Six very different people meet in the lounge wagon of the Royal Express. At a first glance, they seem to have nothing in common, yet they are all inevitably linked. As soon as the passengers realize this fact, the situation gets out of control. What is truth and how will it be defined? And what role does justice play?

An exciting but funny Crime, with having the whole complex story in only one room.

The passenger's meet up, all involved in the conspiracy around the murder of a PR manager, yet without knowing of this commonness. Only two of the passengers are sat intentionally in the wagon and seem to have the situation under control - the father of the accused and the private investigator he hired, Sarah Powell. But soon the two will find out that reality is not as real as it might seem and always depends from which perspective you look at it.

Why is it called Bielefeld? It's releated to the Bielefeld conspiracy. You can read more on Wikipedia